One-on-one nutrition coaching

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I am going to get straight to the point… I know there are so many online calculators/programs, “nutrition coaches”, and Doctors out there that offer this or something like it. You may have tried them and had success and/or failure. There are tons of reasons on why they did or didn’t work but the fact is you clicked this page because you desire a change. You definitely would not have made it this far in reading if you didn’t want to see a change. As you may have read from my blogs, or seen on my insta-stories or know me in person…


Nutrition is my passion. This stems from my personal relationship with food. I grew up as a “big girl”, with a body imagine in the toilet where I leveraged food for so much comfort (Not a good thing). I had a very unhealthy relationship with it which came to a halt with my cranky pancreas deciding to ultimately stop working. I was forced to remove the foods I so loved and transitioned to a new way of thinking… nutrition is way more then what and when to eat but the psychological factors are just as important. 

I continue to learn daily about food, all macronutrients and micronutrients and how they are broken down through each step through the digestive system in order to simply function a normal(ish) life. I, myself, am my own test dummy and have truly manifested a foundations of my coaching that I feel make me unique in helping you!

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You are beyond ready to work with me or at least almost there. You will start by completed an intake form followed by scheduling for your first introduction meeting with me. I do require a deposit of $30 to lock in your meeting. Once we meet and you sign up with me, the $30 will be applied to your first full payment.  

make your deposit* below and you will be redirected to a customized google form to make our call more meaningful

the details 

This package starts with a three month period followed by additional months after if you desire. I care deeply about three months as that is the time that I feel is needed to fully allow your body to accept the changes and start to see the results you desire. Plus, it ensure I have the full opportunity to give you everything I have. After three months, you have the option of continuing month to month. Here are My goals for the next three months:

  • To push away that termination date that we all have and ensure that you enjoy every birthday party, vacation trip, and life event to the max.  

  • Provide you with knowledge around the current state of our food, reverse misconceptions on foods, what make up food, and how your body processes the food for fuel. 

  • To empower you to feel confident and ready to continue a healthy lifestyle without me. No, I will never drop you but I don’t expect you to need me forever. ☺

  • Simply feel good… clear mind, solid workouts, and (if I’m lucky) happy doctor visits.