Do you have these four people?

All you need are these 4 people to succeed. Do you have them?

Earlier this week, I had to stop and really think about how old I am. I am not kidding; I really wasn’t sure! It was a sad feeling that I couldn’t remember but I am almost approaching the big 30. Oh boy, do I feel old! Yea, I know what you are thinking, I really am not that old. As you get to know me and my stories, you will quickly find out that the slogan: “you are a 55-year-old in a 28-year-old body,” really stands true.

I have lived through so many milestones, heartaches, achievements, extreme failures, deaths of loved ones, and almost anything else you can imagine. I have had the opportunity to learn how to walk not once, but twice. I had to write my will at age 21 (sadly not much was included besides my bird, Sweetie). I have had to work the political game of elite volleyball and be told almost every year, I was not fast enough, skinny enough, or good enough for a team.

As I have fought through through the years, especially five years post-college, I have realized you only need four main people in your life to be successful. These four will champion your life and help shape you through every life event. And NO, this doesn’t apply to just young individuals, Dad! These key figures are important through all stages. It’s important to note, that the person that holds this title for you, may not always be there. Relationships can change whether by distance or life stage, but the key here to see where you could be potentially lacking. It may bring a whole new perspective on your life and how you’re currently doing. Alrighty, enough already - what are they?

1. Mentor – Someone who is going to guide you and provide assistance to you.
2. Friend - someone you can be real with and no judgement; that person to vent too.
3. Cheerleader - someone who believes in you with no strings and positive enforcement.
4. Coach – someone who will push you; gets on you to do more.

Mentor: I have had very few actually in this category. To me, this takes time to develop and gain trust. I lost my longest and most loyal mentor in January of 2018, my Grandpa. He was crazy successful in business and started from the ground up. He taught me so much from poker, to investments, to decision making. Funny story, he finished his career as the Head Human Resources for a petroleum company and well, what career did I pick? HR! He seriously had ZERO influence on my decision. Two peas in one pod for sure! Anyway, he taught to always follow my heart and do what you love, because no matter where it takes you, you will have lasting happiness. Since then, I have had people I can consider a mentor, come in and quickly out; and that’s okay.

Friend: So this is where I divide per aspect of my life. I have my CrossFit sector, my HR work segment, my Woodlands area, and my Waco family. Each group holds a piece of me that I leverage a good friend from within to vent to and share my thoughts. I have had so many friends come in and out of my life and that is okay… even though it’s tough for me fully accept losing connections. My husband is my big call out on this one. He is truly the person that gets to hear it all! Thank you, Sterling, for being that wall that I get to talk to.

Cheerleader: Oh man, do I have THE BEST cheerleader! My Mom. I had to think about this one for maybe a millisecond, lol! Everyone knows my Mom is truly the best supporter of me. No matter what it is, she is there giving her heart and soul to whatever my mind comes up with. Good news for me, I will have her for a long time… that is she doesn’t jump ship and devote all her cheerleading to our future baby.

Coach: Could be spiritual, business, or just home life-related. I have had individuals in all these areas and I can definitely tell where I am missing right now as a young adult in The Woodlands area. I am also a big believer that God may put you through certain stages in your life for a reason.

When I was at UT Dallas, my freshman year, He called me to be a student of the faith. He put in front of me amazingly strong mentors and friends where it was my place to learn. Learn more about how God works and how I work in His plan.

Now that I have address the four that I need in my life, It’s important to push it one step further. You not only need these four people in your life, but you need to be one of these four, to someone else. AHHHH, drop the mic! Just kidding, but this may instantly cause some anxiety as you may not feel you can do all the roles. If you have been through something, that qualifies you as a messenger now. You may not have it all thought through though, and that’s okay. You have a story to tell and that makes you worth it to help someone else in one of these roles.

So, I challenge you to:
  1. Identify your 4 people.

  2. Reach out and tell them how much they mean to you! (They may not know the impact they have on you and wouldn’t it be nice for you to make their day?!)

  3. Identify how you are influencing those around you. (Are you a coach to 10 million people but really not a mentor to just one?)

  4. Take one small step by setting goals to help you ensure you have all four in your life and your are one to someone else.

Trust me, when you have all four and actively aware of them, you will feel fulfilled. As you probably can guess, I am heavy in the coach and mentor side and truly need to focus more on the cheerleader. I always wanted to be one growing up, so now is my chance. If you want me to help fill this gap in any areas of your life, please email me or DM me as I would love to chat.



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