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The single best gift idea for all the Mom's in your life

Mother's Day is just around the corner... May 10th.

To all the mom's out their.... you ARE killing it!!

I do not have a tiny human yet but what I have inferred from my Grandma, my mom, my mother-in-law, and all the stellar moms in my social bubble, that the best gift doesn't require money.

A small act of kindness or a thoughtful card fills up the heart better than anything money can buy.

For those of you who are:

1. Way too busy to even think about a gift.

2. Can't see your mom in person due to distance or COVID19.

3. Don't know where to even begin in buying something.

4. Funds maybe limited at this time...

I got you covered!!

I am so the person that over thinks gifts because I want it to be perfect and thoughtful but then spend too much time figuring out how to get it all together. I think about the wrapping/packaging, going to store to get it, and then going through the process of shipping it.

Then you add in that I want it to be super personalized because to me, the more thoughtful then it shows how much I care. (ANYONE ELSE FEEL THIS WAY?)

By the time I attempt to figure all that out, I typically have past the date or the process is too grand and I send something via Amazon Prime and feel defeated.

If this is you or you are like Sterling and don't even know where to start... I am here to let you in on, possibly, my best kept secret for gift giving:

Hand Calligraphy Cards!

Don't get your panties in a ravel, I am not expecting you to learn calligraphy today. My hidden gem of a gift from a company, Punkpost.

They are a custom card company that will take your message and beautifully handwrite it for you on a card. They can add a photo, confetti, and even gift cards and then mail it out.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, awesome artists are creating a unique, one-of-kind, gift for whatever occasion you are sending for.

BOOM... just like that you have a thoughtful gift that only required you to pick out a card design and come up with a sweet message.

Even if you don't know what to write, they have automated messages to help you out!!!

Seriously, they have made this so easy!!

So now that I have solved all gift idea dilemmas, let's talk through some ideas of who you could send a card too, because why stop at just mom:

1. Pet mom - to the animal lover that gives her heart and soul to a four-legged, winged, or any other animal friend out there. (wink, wink newest kitty mom here).

2. Plant mom - to the gardener that knows how to keep some of the hardest things alive (this is sooo not me).

3. BFF's mom - we all know that mom that, growing up, was either the team mom or the go-to mom when life just got crummy. Or your best friend's mom who is basically your second mom; can't forget them!!

4. Grandma - yes, they are already in the mom status but they still play a huge role in raising you and cultivating a unique aspect of you.

5. Mom friend - that bestie that you see totally killing it as a mom. Bending over backwards day in and day out that you hope to be like one day.


6. New mom - oh the special ladies out their that are learning by fire and have embarked on such a great new journey! They could use all the love and support to show that they are not alone.

Now that I have helped solve many road blocks for you, go check out Punkpost and get your mom's card ordered... She is guaranteed to love it.



Special note to my mom:

Thank you!

Thank you for putting me above yourself.

Thank you for always being my go-to venting person.

Thank you for hearing all my complaining and whining through the years.

Thank you for being there through every sore throat, stomach-ache, hospital visit, and countless unanswered doctors visit.

You are the true champion mom.

I may never be able to love you as much as you love me but just know the love I give off is an extension of you and the love that grandma taught you.

You carry more weight than any backpack can bare and yet you move with such grace...

No matter the emotion, breathe, and remember your heart holds all the power.

<3 Your Daughter

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