This is my most customized option plan.

You get me basically 24/7 below are listed items that honestly there maybe something on this list that I forgot. My one-on-one clients teach me so much more than I could ever teach you. As I work with people, I will continue to craft my offerings to best serve you…. That basically said, if you think of something I probably can make it happen. 

  • Recommended nutrition guide based on your desired food preferences 

  • Flexible or strict meal planning recommendation per day

  • Grocery lists (Pow approved list)

    • Supplement recommendation 

    • If in the local area, Pow assisted grocery trips (I love grocery shopping)

  • Weekly check-ins and modifications 

    • Optional: Zoom or in-person meetings 

  • Cell-phone access to me 

  • Recipe recommendations 

  • Customize meal creator interactive sheet 

  • Biggest cheerleader!!

I allow my clients to be as hands off or hands all in regarding the plan. But it is important to note, the success on this plan is 100% in your hands. I will help guide you but I can’t do the eating for you. If you want the change, you have to prioritize it high in your life. I will not be knocking down your door requesting updates or pulling for information. I will get you change, May not always be exactly what you want but I can guarantee the journey together will be a fun one! 

I drive a keto inspired lifestyle. This is based tons of literature on the importance of fat. I believe on eating a diversified colorful plate all sourced from the earth. I believe protein is beyond important and the majority of our population are not getting enough. This includes all animals; my favorite being: beef, pork, poultry and fish. Then adding in fruits and veggies across the rainbow spectrum. Aka more color the better! 

I have an ancestral mindset on how a program and I incorporate that with what you desire. So you want all to go all vegetarian, I can do that. You want me to program in a glass a wine a day, I can do that. You want me to recommend what to each at each time of the day with your schedule, I can do that. You want me to only recommend your daily macros and leave it to you to come up with the meals, I can do it. This is going to be completely customized to you. 

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Melanie Power Faulkner, Certifications​

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Judges Course

CrossFit Scaled Course

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1 

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