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Powmade is my first nutrition guide designed to be a reliable resource as you embark on a holistic lifestyle change. I compiled all the answers  to several burning questions such as what are macronutrients to how much protein you should consume. I walk you through how the body works and explain why certain diets you may have tried did or didn’t work, and tackle current diet trends/myths that are getting high media attention. Furthermore, this reference serves as an educational guide about the primary functions of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats in our bodies. 

Included is a step-by-step process for weekly meal planning, followed by meal prepping techniques to help make the process easy and repeatable. You get an insider's look into how I prep and cook meals daily and weekly for two very differing diets. 

Lastly, you get my "Pow Approved" grocery list that I provide to all my clients. This comes in a printable cut-away section for you to take with you to the grocery store and/or hang on your refrigerator.

Bonus Item! 

Because I care about the quality of food you buy and there is so much unreliable information on the internet…. I have added a buying guide on the good, better, and best options for meat, produce, seafood, oils, dairy and eggs which  explains labels and terms that you see when shopping for food. Trust me - you don’t want to pass this up!

the why

My goal was to put together a guide to empower you with knowledge and confidence no matter where you are in the journey of nutrition. Whether you have no clue what a “macro” is to the elite athlete that tracks every calorie… this guide can help you! The body is complex and confusing but simple steps and actions don't have to be. It just starts with a choice, and hopefully an emPOWering one! 

It just starts with a choice, and hopefully an emPOWering one! 

let's get started.

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