I realize everyone has their own preferences on recipes but I want to share with you MY favorites as I care about you. These seven recipes are my go-to items that I do weekly if not daily. With the exceptions to the meatloaf and Turkey, you can find all these items in my home now. 

  • First (mainly given my medical situation) are the ingredients – is there any sugar outside of monk fruit? Is there any diary? Is there anything I absolutely don’t like? 

    • I truly review ingredients mostly based on Sterling’s preference and not mine, as I rarely have a need to look up new recipes for myself. 

    • I typically just look for new seasonings or sauces that are ‘Pow approved’. (no sugars or artificial sugars, only olive oil or coconut oil, and no ‘natural flavors’)

    • Simple is good, especially for anyone with a dietary issue of any kind. Eating as pure as possible is critical to me. My recipes cannot have artificial anything or a bunch of ingredients that will bother me digestively. ​

  • How long will it take me to make (INCLUDING PREP) – With so many jobs, I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen plus this girl is hangry most of the time. ☺

  • How many ingredients does it call for – honestly my pantry is not a grocery store and I do not like having to buy 1 big can/bag of something, just to use a tsp and let it sit in my pantry for another 6 months. 

  • How many tools/equipment do I have to get dirty? – omg such a big one for me… with no spleen and my OCD on dirty, I really don’t want to spend the majority of time washing my hands and washing bowls, spoons, spatulas, plates, etc. not to mention washing my hands 10,000 times. 

  • After 1-4 have been checked, last comes taste. Do I like it enough to repeat over and over? – this is key as I actually typically eat the same thing every day so if it can’t fit into that, well it’s going to be a hard sell for me. 

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