I realize everyone has their own preferences on recipes but I want to share with you MY favorites as I care about you. These seven recipes are my go-to items that I do weekly if not daily. With the exceptions to the meatloaf and Turkey, you can find all these items in my home now. 

Here is how I determine recipes when I search the World Wide Web: 

  • First (mainly given my medical situation) are the ingredients – is there any sugar outside of monk fruit? Is there any diary? Is there anything I absolutely don’t like? 

    • I truly review ingredients mostly based on Sterling’s preference and not mine, as I rarely have a need to look up new recipes for myself. 

    • I typically just look for new seasonings or sauces that are ‘Pow approved’. (no sugars or artificial sugars, only olive oil or coconut oil, and no ‘natural flavors’)

    • Simple is good, especially for anyone with a dietary issue of any kind. Eating as pure as possible is critical to me. My recipes cannot have artificial anything or a bunch of ingredients that will bother me digestively. ​

  • How long will it take me to make (INCLUDING PREP) – With so many jobs, I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen plus this girl is hangry most of the time. ☺

  • How many ingredients does it call for – honestly my pantry is not a grocery store and I do not like having to buy 1 big can/bag of something, just to use a tsp and let it sit in my pantry for another 6 months. 

  • How many tools/equipment do I have to get dirty? – omg such a big one for me… with no spleen and my OCD on dirty, I really don’t want to spend the majority of time washing my hands and washing bowls, spoons, spatulas, plates, etc. not to mention washing my hands 10,000 times. 

  • After 1-4 have been checked, last comes taste. Do I like it enough to repeat over and over? – this is key as I actually typically eat the same thing every day so if it can’t fit into that, well it’s going to be a hard sell for me. 

So with all  that in mind

So with all that in mind – I want to provide you with my go-to recipes. There isn’t much rocket science to these but I think my methods are what make these worth it. I don’t plan to ever compete with pro chefs or even restaurant quality meals, but I do care about making healthy “good for you” food taste good and enjoyable. Finding ways to make the favorites we all know and love right at home. Hope you find these helpful. If you try them out and like them, be sure to tag me! I would love to see them in action and also hear the feedback ways to even make them better. 

If you have a recommendation for a new recipe or want me to provide a new way of making something bland taste better, email me with your request to and I would be happy to experiment and send back my thoughts. 

As always, keep on smiling,